Insertion of silk compensation fabric held in place with adhesive-coated threads.

The consolidation of fragmented silks and other fragile fabrics, when appropriate, can be achieved with various adhesive techniques. The range includes minimal local repairs including adhesive-coated threads, gossamer tissue and patches as well as overall lining to a thin, sheer support fabric. The adhesive selected is chosen for its excellent ageing and archival properties and its appropriateness for the textile and type of repair.

Paint on textiles is frequently in need of consolidation due to flaking or powdering. This is often achieved with the aid of an ultrasonic nebulizer that breaks up the appropriate consolidant solution into tiny particles and delivers it in a vapor-saturated mist. The consolidant is thus encouraged to sink below the surface of the paint where it is needed to reaffirm the pigment to pigment and pigment to fabric bonds without changing the color or sheen of the paint layer.